As there is a good number of students from Thailand that travels to the United Kingdom to study and earn a degree, the association was established in the year 1901 by the King Rama VI of the country of Thailand. This is the only association that receives favor from the royal family and is also receiving support from it. This association has the original purpose to let Thailand students in the UK be able to have a connection with one another through various events.


In the record that was given, it is said that about 10, 000 Thailand are in the UK studying. There are also a number of Thailand who had already immigrated to the UK and are living there for how many years already. They could be seen around the UK as well as the students who are mostly female.

The embassy of Thailand is active in participating and supporting the activity of the association. The officials and ambassadors are even present during the organized activities. hey also have the Office of Educational Affairs (OEA).

The association has its various activities being conducted like the Samaggi Games which is a big event and a concert which is called the Samaggi Night. There are also Samaggi Bowling Competition, Samaggi Karaoke Night and various seminars. For the sake of information, these events have to receive approval by the embassy and the educational affair office of Thailand that is in the UK. A report also has to be submitted on the budgets.