The association has been organizing different events so that the students from different universities across the United Kingdom could meet together and have socialization and other things. As the organization was made with that original mission of bringing together the students so the events are part of the way to meet the mission. Some of the major events that are being held regularly are the Samaggi Games, Sammagi Night, also seminars, conferences and summit and other events like Karaoke Night.

During the Samaggi games, thousands of people gather together so they could participate in the event. There are certain types of sports that are already part of the list of games so anyone could be able to join them. During this events, the different Thai businesses also take the time to advertise their business. In this time also, students numbering to a thousand can all gather so they could participate in the event. Examples of games include badminton, tennis, squash, basketball, football, chair ball, table tennis, and also the different Thai traditional games.


This can include the game of chess. Moving away from the games, the seminars is another event that is being hosted and organized by the association. Various persons from any field are invited to seminars so they could be able to give some information that is useful for the students and the society. There are other events that are being formed once in a while so that students could also understand and learn the community they are in.