Thailand Economy according to the World Bank

In the Southeast Asia, many different countries are found. And the country of Thailand is located in the Southeast Asia. In this article, you will be able to know the current economic status of Thailand. According to the World Bank, the economy of Thailand is now progressively prosperous. This is a good news for all the […]

Thai Islands: A Beautiful Thailand Experience

Some of you might have heard about the beautiful islands of Thailand. There were many travelers and tourists who had a beautiful Thailand experience. Thailand is a country that offers great experiences to all tourists. The wonderful view of the islands gives much fun to everyone who visit the Thai islands. Travelers and tourists can do swimming, scuba […]

The Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Thailand

All countries around the world have their own tourist destinations and attractions. If you are a traveler, for sure you have seen many different places and have taken a lot of pictures too or even bought some souvenir. In the country of Thailand, people are proud of their own country. Beautiful places welcomes travelers and tourists. […]

10 Famous Universities in the United Kingdom

If you are a student who have a dream to study abroad, prepare for it. It is not easy to study abroad without doing anything. You probably heard about the term “exchange students“. In some universities in other countries, they allow some of their students to study abroad in exchange with the students of that […]

The Life of International Students in London

Immigrating to another country is not easy. Those who plan to migrate to another country should prepare themselves. Immigrants should know and learn the culture and tradition of that particular country where they have decided to live. Adaptation of a different culture and tradition is not that easy especially if you were used to follow […]

Why Everyone should watch Thailand Advertisements

The country of Thailand is very popular not only for its wonderful tourist destinations and tourist attractions but also for its creative and touching commercial advertisements. Some of you might have already watched Thailand advertisements. Though it was just an advertisement, it actually seem to be real. Aside from commercial advertisements, there are also touching films […]

The Main Responsibility of a Student

If parents are responsible for the education of their children, what about the children in return? Once a child is sent to school, he is responsible in his studies. This is why parents and teachers should help the child understand the value and importance of education. In this article, the main responsibility of a student is […]

Understanding Education as a Human Right

Around the world, there are thousands of babies being born in just a day. The population of the world is continually increasing due to the rapid growth of women who gives birth everyday. Whether she is a teenager or an adult, the thing is, the number of babies being born each day is great. There […]

A report on the retirees flocking into Thailand

There are many people who are already considered retirees who have chosen to live their life the way they would like. Retirees are supposed to be enjoying their life with their family but the reality is that there are many who are in the old age who leave their family. That is because no one […]

The UK places preferred by Thais to live in

It is not just the westerners are going to places but also the Thailanders who are finding places to stay. They say that there are Chinese who are scattered around the world and also other Asians who have different reasons why they go abroad but mostĀ of them are to work and immigrate to better places […]