Around the world, it is a common phenomenon to happen that a person would go abroad to where he thinks is better to live in than his present country. There are many people who have sought permanent residency to the places they have immigrated to. Others just went to work and return to their country. OthersĀ just studied and return after finishing their degree. But many also choose to stay even if their first intention is to only work os study. That is because they now like the place.

As they offer them better living than when they will return home s they just stayed in the country and even if their visas have expired, they make effort to be able to stay their still. I the case also of Thailand, there are many foreigners who visit the place because of its beauty. They want to enjoy the life that they could experience it only in Thailand. Thailand has become a tourism hub and many people are drawn to it.

But Thailand is not for all Thais who were born there as they cannot have a better job or way o life when they will return home so they just stay in the United Kingdom and find ways to be able to live by working in different sectors and in different places in the United Kingdom. They find the UK as the place as the suitable placeĀ for them where they could experience a better life even if they will not experience what they can have in their country.